It's November 17 today and while we're all anxiously awaiting being with our families and friends this Thanksgiving, the thought of Christmas gift shopping is probably some where in the back of your mind. Now, if you're anything like me you probably have a list of people you need to shop for but you haven't gotten around to purchasing anything yet.

As a sport, family and portrait photographer this is my busiest time of year! I am always scrambling last minute to get everyones gifts but what has really helped me is keeping a list in my notes of gift ideas I have had throughout the year. Below you will find a list of ideas for you mom, dad, wife, husband, grandparents, kids, teens, pets and yes I have even put together a special list for those of you with a photographer in your life.

Lets start out with who I have always thought to be the HARDEST person to shop for....

Gift ideas for Dad-

  1. TheraGun or something like a Theragun you don't have to get the name brand. Here is a good dupe if you're not wanting to spend as much.
  2. Watch- There are so many different ways you can go here. You can go with a name brand like this Michael Kors watch. You could do a very inexpensive brand like this one or you can do the ever so popular Apple Watch.
  3. Temp control smart mug- The brand Ember, makes a very popular one that I have had my eye on.
  4. Game tickets- Now this will of course depend on if your dad is a sport fan. I would probably do an A's game for my dad.
  5. Slippers- Again this is your preference. For my dad I would do something simple like this. My husband would probably prefer something more fancy so for him I would go with something like these UGG Neuman's.
  6. Heated razor- This Gillette Heated Razor is what I am getting for my dad this year. If my dad listens to me he won't read this and I don't think he even knows these exist so it will be impossible for him to guess.

Now you are probably going to want to get your dad something that he is truly going to love. When I am shopping for my dad its extra challenging because I try to buy something he would never expect. My dad is notorious for being able to guess his gifts and its so annoying!!!

Next let's get some ideas for the glue holding everyone together!

Gift ideas for Mom-

  1. Diffuser and essential oils- Again there are so many options when it comes to a good diffuser and oils. I am all about supporting small business so if you know of a Young Living or doTERRA affiliate please go through them!! If you don't know an affiliate or wait until the last minute because life happens here is a diffuser with amazing reviews.
  2. Soft Robe or blanket- This is another item where you can splurge or save. Amazon has some great robe options like this one. It comes in a lot of cute colors and it's super soft. To be completely honest with you I am still on the hunt for the perfect throw blanket but this is the one I have had my eye on. K.O.Z.E is a new comfort lounge brand that I have been dying to try but it's definitely a splurge.
  3. Photo gifts (printed blanket, small wood homes, photo mug)- This is my go to gift for my mom. She loves getting personal gifts. For the past two years I have gotten her a custom photo blanket from Mpix. They turn out amazing!!
  4. Storyworth- You guys!!! I can't even say enough about this company. I discovered this service last year and I think it is one of the most precious gifts you can give. You basically create or use the questions provided and then the person you gift it too answers a question once a week and then at the end of the year the answers are compiled into a book. We actually gifted this to my grandpa last year and this year we are gifting the finished book to all of my siblings so they can have a keepsake as well.
  5. Crossbody bag-I love little cross body bags! This isn't something I would gift to my mom but I would definitely consider it for my mother-in-law. A cute little black bag like this is perfect for date night and just everyday use.

If you found this list helpful you will want to check out the next post where I give you ideas for your wife, husband and kids.

I also need to mention that the Amazon links are my affiliate links. I do earn a small commission when you shop using my link. I appreciate your support.