Okay so I had every intention of getting this posted prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but life happens and well it just wasn't in the cards.

So, if you are super organized and got all your holiday shopping done you can skip right on over this post and my next one because you can sit back and relax while the rest of us scramble to complete or Christmas lists. A couple weeks ago I posted a in depth gift guide that hopefully gave you some good ideas for your mom and dad.

This post will be geared towards spouses/significant others and the young kids in your life. Now, as a small business owner I ALWAYS recommend shopping within your local community when possible but I hope this list helps with some inspire you whether you use my links (which does give me a small percentage back) or find similar items locally.

Anyhowwwww....lets get started!!!

Gift ideas for her-

  1. Sun & Moo skin tallow- You guys!!!! This is so hard to get your hands on because it's a newer small business with AMAZING results. One of my favorite bloggers Angelika, who is inspired by ancestral eating, created a simple and tallow based skincare line that should be on everyones wishlist.
  2. Apple Watch- This is the number one item on my wishlist this year. My Apple Watch that I bought about 5 years ago is just starting to die. As a photographer I love having the Apple Watch to keep track of session times and get reminders for my upcoming sessions. Apple gives their buyers various options but the series 3
  3. Uggs- My Uggs are one of the most used gifts I have EVER gotten. I have had mine for at least five years and they are one of my most worn pair of shoes in the colder months.
  4. Hydro flask- I know Stanley cups are all the hype right now but I LOVE my Hydro flasks!! I currently have a white one but this stone color is on my list this year.
  5. Little Sleepies Jammies- I just discovered the Little Sleepies brand this year and they are super soft and durable. I love this little grey set.
  6. Lip scrub and mask- This is such. great little stocking stuffer for the special lady in your life. I love this Laneige lip mask. My lips also get extra dry in the winter so this lip scrub saves my lips from cracking and feeling super dry.  

Gift ideas for him-

  1. Nice Joggers-My husband has been asking for some more joggers. I found these Champion Fleece Jogger on Amazon and I think my husband is really going to like them. I got them in both black and grey.
  2. Cologne- I don't have a link for this one because there are so many different scents you can choose but its such a personal preference thing.
  3. Shokz- My family personally owns two pairs of these SHOKZ they are much more affordable than AirPods and I like that I can still hear what is happening around me. I use mine to listen to podcasts while doing dishes and my husband uses his while running. My four-year-old Emmitt also uses them with his iPad on long trips.
  4. TheraGun- I also added this gift for dads but I think its a great gift for spouses or your boyfriend as well. You can also get this dupe if you don't want to spend as much on the TheraGun.
  5. Reefs- My husband currently has rainbows but I LOVE my Reefs so I decided to switch it up for him this year and get him some to since his current flip flops are looking pretty sad. Reef makes a bunch of different styles at various price points but these are the ones I got for Matt this year.
  6. GoPro- This is defiantly a high ticket item but it is something that we use on vacation all the time. My husband also likes to take his hunting. As a photographer to video and picture quality is pretty dang good for being so compact.

Gift ideas for the kiddos-

  1. Bristle blocks- My kids love bristle blocks. I have a set in the living room and my kids use them almost everyday. I love that they are so versatile and easy to use for both my 2 and 4 year old.
  2. Duplos- These are Parkers favorite right now!! There are so many different sets to chose from but this Wild Animals of Europe set is the one we chose to add to his collection this year.
  3. Kids Hydro flasks- My kids are super active and always on the go. I have tried SO many water bottles for them but these hydro flasks are my absolute favorite for them. They don't leak and they keep their drinks nice and cold.
  4. Markers- I restock the boys markers every year. This year my boys got them a little early because I packed them in their travel bag when we flew to Canada. These Crayon Ultra Clean Washable Markers will forever be my favorite ad I think they are such a great gift for any kiddos between the ages of 2 and 10.  
  5. Stickers- Parker is OBSESSED with stickers as are a lot of other 2 year olds that I know. These are great for stocking stuffers. I got these in a roll for Parker and one of his little friends this year because he can peel them all by himself.
  6. Bath bombs- My kids love baths and I like making them fun for them. I try to buy them locally whenever I can because I have found that a lot of local shops carry them but you can also get them on Amazon of course. There are a bunch of different options, but these are the ones I got this year because they came in a pack of two and are super affordable (which I LOVE for sticking stuffers).  
  7. Books sets- My kids are 2 and 4 but I still read chapter books to them every night. We are currently borrowing the Magic Tree House series from my mom but they are on my wishlist this year.

Okay there you have it!! I hope this helps any of you last minute shoppers. If you already have your Christmas shopping done you can save some of these ideas for other special gifting occasions.