So you want a simple but cute outfit for your Senior photos...

Senior Portraits are a HUGE investment, therefore it is so important that you are prepared an understand how to make the very most of your session. Ultimately when you think about what you are going to wear for your portrait session it all comes down to one thing…VARIETY!!! Selecting a variety of colors, styles and different types of clothing items will give you a diverse senior photo gallery with tons of options to choose from. So let’s get started.

Every photographer is different but I ask all my High School Seniors to bring three different outfits with them to their photo session. Having three outfits helps to ensure that my Seniors have VARIETY of looks that reflect their personalities!

Here are 3 ways to add VARIETY to your outfit selection:

COLOR- Black and other neutrals are always a safe choice but DON’T be afraid to implement a DIFFERENT color into each look.

TYPE- I’m not saying avoid bringing a T-shirt and pair of jeans for one of your outfits but for your second outfit bring a pair of shorts, a collared shirt or a pair of slacks. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

STYLE- I always recommended one casual, one dressy and one of choice. Your outfit of choice should SCREAM you! If your an athlete you can wear your jersey or letterman jacket. Or maybe you like standing out and being the center of items that are edgyy, bold and really make a statement.

Outfit 1

I ALWAYS recommend my "simple but cute" girlies to bring at LEAST one dress. Long dresses are a bit more flexible in terms of posing but short dresses can add a super cute and flirt vibe if that is more your style!

Outfit 2

A business casual outfit is super cute for downtown areas and not only makes a great staple in your senior portfolio but you can use the photos later for resumes, college applications and job boards.

Outfit 3

You can never go wrong with a pair of nice fitting blue jeans and white top. I recommend getting a new white top with some texture or detailing. You are going to want to stay away from dingy white top and basic white tanks.

Outfit 4

Adding an outfit with a cute flannel piece for winter photo sessions is ALWAYS a good idea. It's also an easy way to add some color.

Now I know that this post is for the "cute" but "simple" girlies but I wanted to add a few fun inspo pieces that would add a little extra flare to your session if you are feeling brave!

Letterman Jacket

Literally one of my favorite "props" for a senior to bring. I think they are super cute and really represent who you are in high school. This can easily be thrown over outfit 3 with a quick jacket and shoe swap!

Fun + Sparkly

I know this piece isn't "simple" but it would be so cute for a winter session in downtown setting with outfit 2. I would also be a show stopper when scrolling through your portfolio. Sometimes it's fun to step outside your comfort zone.


This is the perfect piece for my "simple" but "cute" girlies. It's comfy, a pop of color but there is also texture so it would be a super cute piece to bring to your photo session. Pair it with outfit 3 or 4 and you have a simple outfit change.

Pop of Color

Neutral tones are GREAT for photos because it helps create timeless photographs and will look good on any grad invite that you select, HOWEVER adding color is a MUST if you plan on making a senior album and want to ensure diversity.

Okay I have one last outfit to share if these additional pieces have you feeling a bit more brave.

Outfit 4

There are definitley pieces of this outfit that are "simple" the black shorts and cute floral babydoll top but I know that it looks a bit intimidating all together. I wanted to include this outfit because it includes all of my favorite things. There is a subtle pattern in the top. Layers and texture with the jacket and knit sock and a good chunky shoe tends to photograph really well. I also love that this outfit can transition easily from a downtown setting to a park or country side with a quick shoe change and jacket removal.

Remember this post is to inspire you to create outfits that you are confident and comfortable in. My hope is that these outfits will give you some ideas on how to put together a few outfits for your senior portrait session that will give you diversity, timelessness and comfort.