Abercrombie Outfit Inspiration for Spring Senior Photos-

Abercrombie is one of my favorite clothing retailers. I feel like they have a variety of clothing options and you can really put together really versatile outfits for your senior portrait session. As a High School Senior photographer in Northern, CA, one of the most asked questions I get is "What should I wear?"

I am starting to book out my senior photo session in Vacaville, Winters, Dixon, Davis, Woodland, Arbuckle and Fairfield so I decided to put this outfit guide together to help my Senior get a better idea on how to put outfits together for their session.

All of these items can be found on the Abercrombie website as of January, 6 2023.

Why these three outfits?

You will of course need to check with your photographer, but I encourage all my High School Seniors to bring more than one outfit to their senior portrait session. Brining more than one outfit will help you have a variety of photos to chose from and make it easy to select images for your Grad Announcements, Senior Album, Wall Gallery or any other heirlooms you decide to print.

I selected these three outfits because they will give you a variety of looks. Between these three outfits we have color, texture, layers, pattern and neutrals. We also have one pant outfit, one short outfit and one outfit that is more dressy. I have the dressy outfit included because I think that it's so important to have at least one good head shot in business looking attire that you can use on college applications, resumes and anything else you might need it for coming out of High School. You could also substitute one of these outfits with a sport jersey or letterman jacket.

These outfits would all work in a garden shoot, downtown shoot, park shoot, city shoot, field or even a rustic country side.