Hi!! I am Sydney a Northern, CA High School Senior Photographer. I work with high school students from Winters, Vacaville, Woodland, Davis, Dixon, Fairfield, Esparto and Arbuckle. I saw some photos last year while scrolling Instagram and I knew that I HAD to do them this year. One of the best parts of having a Senior Milestone Program and JV Rep program is that I get to test out all kinds of fun shoots with them. If you are, or if you have a High School student, in Yolo and Solano county please reach out to me about these programs!! I am starting a waitlist for my 2023 programs.

When I had originally planned this shoot I thought that my photography studio would be done, but it's not quite ready so I have to improvise by turning my dining room into a make shift photo studio.

If you're interested in seeing how I pulled that off I will have a reel posted on my Instagram in a couple of days. This was also my first solo "studio" shoot. For those of you that don't know my Dad majored in photography and has almost 30 years of experience and has taught me everything I know...well almost everything! While there are a few things I would change I am so happy with the results. Check these out!

Three things you need to make a New Years Eve shoot FUN!!!

I will definitely be offering these sessions to the general public next year because they were soooooo much fun, but if you are a photographer or maybe someone who likes to throw parties and want to set up a super fun photo space for your party here are the 3 things I will absolutely repurchase/use next year.

  • Confetti!!!- Paper confetti won't work! It has to be sparkly or metallic. I purchased three different kinds of confetti and I LOVED them all but this one was my favorite and I will probably be getting 3 packs next year because the package was a lot smaller that I thought it was going to be and I really liked how much color it added to the photos. I also got these confetti glitter dots in both the silver and champagne, along with this glitter star confetti.

  • Disco Balls- THESE are so so so important! They add so much sparkle and you just CAN"T have a New Years Eve Photoshoot without them!! I am really fortunate because my good friend just had a baby shower and had a bunch that she used for decor and I was able to borrow several of them for this shoot. I think I ended up using six of them. I highly recommend getting a variety of sizes to use for props. I had one large one I believe it was probably a 12 inch ball like this one. I really liked have a larger disco ball because it gave the girls something to lean against and cover their legs and lap area when they sat down. I also had some medium sized and smaller ones as well. Amazon sells a pack that would probably work great for this.

  • .Mini Martinelli Sparkling Cider Bottles- I picked these up at target like 2 hours before my shoot and I am so glad I did. I was able to get some super cute candid shots of the girls and we had a lot of good laughs (and spills).

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope that this post helped give you a little inspiration to try something new, it doesn't have to be photo related. I was feeling like I was in a bit of a rut and doing this shoot pulled me right out of that and I feel ready to conquer the year!! Sometimes trying something new can be the best thing for you. Until next time!!