Your Winters, Vacaville, Dixon, Esparto and Davis Sport Photographer

I am not a niche photographer, meaning I don’t solely photograph families or weddings or high school seniors, but working with the youth is something I am so passionate about. 

While my JV Rep program and Senior Milestone program allow me to develop connections and work with high schoolers several times throughout the year one of the most unique services we offer is our action shot or sport photography. 

My dad brought his camera to all of my sport events and I grew up having amazing photos of me playing the sports that I loved from youth Winters AYSO and swim team to Winters High School swim team, soccer and softball. He was able to document me struggling as I swam my first full lap during my first swim meet, the first time I caught a pop fly my freshman year of high school and my first goal in soccer. 

I will cherish these images forever and now we offer our this service to the various youth and High School programs in Winters and other surrounding cities.

So how exactly does it work?

I am going to use football as an example because that is by far our most popular season.

  1. The very first thing we do is put every High School and Jr. Warrior home game on the calendar.
  2. Next we look at the schedules of our closest cities (Dixon, Vacaville and Esparto) and fill in the weekends with their home games and prioritize teams that LOVE our work.
  3. For Friday night football we typically show up towards the end of the first quarter of the JV football game and stay until 3rd quarter of Varsity.
  4. I typically focus on the cheerleaders and my dad focuses on the football players. This year coming football season I will also be working towards getting some high quality video clips.
  5. After the game we get home and upload everything to a hard drive and organize them into three folders (JV Football, Varsity Football and Cheer). For the youth programs we sort by age group.
  6. After everything is sort we being to cull through the images. This is the part that takes the longest because we typically have about 1,500-2,000 photos on each camera to go through and try to narrow it down to about 400 photos per folder.
  7. During the culling process we randomly select 25-30 photos to post as a sneak peek.
  8. Next is editing which is crop in on the shot and boost the contrast and vibrance to make they POP!!
  9. Finally we get everything posted and ready for players and parents to look through and hopefully purchase.

Want us to come out and photograph your team?