High School Seniors Listen Up!!!

 If you’re a high school senior or a parent of a high school senior this one is for you!! 

Senior portrait sessions are an investment and I want to make sure your photos come out amazing!

While your photographer can most certainly help you with posing, finding the right light, making outfit suggestions and editing…here are 5 things that only you have control over.  

5 simple things:

Reach out in Advance

Reach out to your photographer as soon as you can! You will want to communicate the look you are going for that way your photographer can help you determine which season is going to be best for your desired outcome. For example here in California, if you want golden fields I am going to suggest that you book a session sometime between July and October! 

Try on your Outfit

Try on your outfit or outfits BEFORE your photo session!! Better yett….. try them on a couple of times and move around. You want to make sure you are comfortable in your new outfits and can execute various movements and poses.


Wear the appropriate undergarments! I beg you!! There is nothing worse than having an AMAZING display of photos and then seeing that bra strapp…or boxers peeking out under  shirt. Ladies, if you’re going to wear a dress with thin straps PLEASE invest in sticky boobs or a strapless bra! Gentlemen, keep those boxers hidden with some well fitted pants and a nice belt. This is probably the biggest issue I have seen over the past three years and it’s an issue that is so easily fixed if you’re prepared!

Finally, if your photographer sends you a questionnaire please fill out every question in as much detail as possible! Not only does knowing a bit about you prevent awkward silences, but it helps your photographer create a session that’s unique for you. For example, If I know my senior is a Taylor Swift fan I will make sure to bring my Bluetooth speaker so she, or he, can rock out and feel more in their element during the shoot. 



This goes for guys and girls. Use lotion everyday for a week leading up to your shoot, the day of your shoot and you can even bring some to reapply during your shoot if needed. This will give you a nice glow and leave your skin looking extra smooth which helps speed along the editing process. Don't forget your lips!! 

Wrapping it up!!

People, all I’m trying to say is that your Senior Portraits are an investment and you should be doing everything you can to make the most of this experience. 

Which tips did you find most useful?!