Three things you need to think about before you pick your outfit for Senior Photos:

  • Don't buy something you are never going to wear again. Not only is this a HUGE waste of money but if you can't think of another event, time or place to wear the outfit (or outfits) you are selecting for your pictures you probably shouldn't buy it. Now, I am not saying you need to pick an outfit you are going to wear to school but think of other events you have coming up. Maybe you have a holiday party, or your going out on a first date or maybe you can get really fancy and wear the dress you want to wear to Prom. The possibilities are really endless really and I want you to think of where and when you can wear that outfit again because that is how you are going to stay true to yourself. Not to mention it will make your parents happy too because you won't be wasting their money.

  • Make sure you are comfortable!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't wear something you have never worn before. I had a senior show up in a dress that I could instantly tell she was uncomfortable in and it showed in the final images. We were able to work with it of course but try on your outfit once or twice before your photo session to make sure you like how it looks on you. I am going to be very blunt here...if you don't want your cleavage showing....pick a higher neck line. If you don't want to draw attention to your shoulders...wear a top that have sleeves. Think about how tight or loose the outfit is and snap a couple selfies to make sure its hugging you in all the right places. Need a second opinion send that selfie to your photographer and see if they have any suggestions to make it better or turn to a trusted friend or family member. Just try it on please!!!

  • Finally, think about movement. I offer a variety of packages that allow my High School Seniors to bring more than one outfit for their Senior Portrait experience and I highly recommend bringing one outfit that gives you the freedom to move. It's really hard to create variety in a 90 minute session when you can't sit, lift your leg or twirl or do anything beside stand there without showing a little too much. I LOVE and encourage a good sundress but I also want you to bring a long dress or a pair of pants that allow you to sit, jump twirl and maybe even climb a tree or lay down. Trust me your final album is going to look so much better if you have a variety of poses to chose from.