This spirit wear shot turned out even better than the inspiration photo that I found!

Letzy, is a Junior on the Pierce High School Cheer squad and was an absolute dream to photograph!

As a High School Senior Photographer in Northern, CA I always try to take unique shots for every client and having access to these buses was AMAZING!!! Not only did they help block the wind, but we were able to capture these super unique shots that you might not see during a typical High School Cheer shoot. These Spirit Minis are something that I started offering this year and I am so glad that I did. Sports were such an important part of High School for me and there is no reason students should be limited to the one or two shots they are provided on picture day.

Once the wind died down we were able to move over to the bleachers and get the more traditional shots that I will usually get during a High School Cheer session. To ensure I had a variety of shots I had Letzy sitting and standing on the bleachers and then I moved around her to get different angels. I also always like to get some shots with the field in the background (even if the goal post is broken). While we were a little limited due to random gusts of wind I will do the same thing here and do both sitting and standing poses, making sure to get head shots, full body and quarter body shots.

Letzy is the first student I have photographed from Pierce High School in Arbuckle and I can't wait to take her Senior Portraits next year!!!

If you are a High School Student in Northern CA I will bo offering Spirit Sessions all throughout the school year. Make sure you are following me on social media for frequent updates.