Here in Northern California, Spring is the most popular time of year for Senior portraits. High School graduation is getting close, vibrant colors start to make their appearances and the weather is perfect!

As a Senior photographer one of the most asked questions that we get, is “What should I wear?” A lot of the girls I photograph tell me that they have been thinking about what they want to wear for their Senior pictures for a long time. While this may be true, choosing what to wear for your senior portrait session is probably the most daunting task in preparing for your Senior Portrait session. Do you agree?

Whether you book me as your Senior Photographer, or not, I want to give you three pieces of advice that will make selecting what to wear a little less daunting.

Senior Portraits are a HUGE investment, therefore it is so important that you are prepared an understand how to make the very most of your session. Ultimately when you think about what you are going to wear for your portrait session it all comes down to one thing…VARIETY!!! Selecting a variety of colors, styles and different types of clothing items will give you a diverse senior photo gallery with tons of options to choose from. So let’s get started.

Every photographer is different but I ask all my High School Seniors to bring three different outfits with them to their photo session. Having three outfits helps to ensure that my Seniors have VARIETY of looks that reflect their personalities!

Here are 3 ways to add VARIETY to your outfit selection:

  • COLOR- Black and other neutrals are always a safe choice but DON’T be afraid to implement a DIFFERENT color into each look.
  • TYPE- I’m not saying avoid bringing a T-shirt and pair of jeans for one of your outfits but for your second outfit bring a pair of shorts, a collared shirt or a pair of slacks. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!
  • STYLE- I always recommended one casual, one dressy and one of choice. Your outfit of choice should SCREAM you! If your an athlete you can wear your jersey or letterman jacket. Or maybe you like standing out and being the center of items that are edgyy, bold and really make a statement.

Still not sure what to wear that’s okay!! I’m going to show you exactly what I am looking for. It’s okay if the following images aren’t your style, the idea if for you to use them and see what I’m referring to when I say VARIETY.

01 Outfit

The COLOR is olive green, the STYLE is dressy and the TYPE of clothing is a dress.

Outfit 02

The COLORS are red and blue, the STYLE is casual and TYPE of clothing is blouse and jeans.

03 Outfit

The COLOR is blue and black, the STYLE is one of choice and the TYPE of clothing is a button up and shorts. .

My hope is that these three outfits give you some inspiration and help you in selecting the perfect pieces for your Senior Portrait Session. If you found this helpful make sure you are following us on social media and are signed up to receive emails when we release a new blog post. If you are a High School Senior in Winters, Vacaville, Dixon, Davis, Woodland, Esparto or other surrounding city I would love to be your photographer and help bring your vision to life.

Until next time!!

Your friend and photographer,