I am going to be super transparent in this post. I am feeling super anxious about going into 2023 and I think it all boils down to feeling like I am going to fail. 2022 was such a strong year for KS Winters Photography and for myself as a business owner and I just don't know how I am going to top what I did this year without stretching myself thin.

We got to photograph Winters Little League, Winters High School Graduation, Winters Jr. Warrior Football, Esparto Jr. Spartans, Winters Tree House, Dixon Christian and Davis Montessori School. We have SIX High School Seniors in the Milestone Program and EIGHT underclassmen in the JV Rep Program. We almost sold out our Holiday Mini Sessions, photographed and beautiful wedding at Preserves, got to work with several other families and Seniors this holiday season and we had an AMAZING response to our action shot photography this football season.

I am just feeling so blessed but my mind is spinning because how do I top that? How do I remain true to what I love while also making a living for my family. It's so hard being a business owner sometimes, especially in a place where everyone feels like family. After thinking about it and praying about it and looking at the goals for my family I have decided to continue to pour my time into streamlining my intake process and focusing on the youth.

So what will that look like?

  1. I am developing a program for TWEENS.
  2. Growing my High School clientele beyond Winters. I would love to work with more High School students from Arbuckle, Dixon, Woodland, Esparto and Vacaville.
  3. Attending more sport events. We are hoping to have one of us following Winters and one of us following another youth football team for the 2023 season.

I also want to show you more of my family and of myself on my social media pages and maybe walk you through the camera settings I used on those photos. If I can make this happen, I will be SO proud of myself because the images for myself always take the back burner and that's not right!!

While these goals may not seem different from what we are doing now they are going to require me to spend more time on marketing, Instagram, TikTok, blogging and really trying to target that market I am trying to go after. It also means that I need your help!!!

Please continue to talk about our business tell your friends with High Schoolers about our photo services. Share and engage with our posts on social media. Invite us out to your athletes sporting events. We need you more than you think!! Anyways if your still reading this thank you!!! I hope to make you proud.